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We Store It – You Sell it – We deliver it.

vSpace is one of the most advanced global storage and fulfilment service networks available, and with our unique vertical storage solutions its also the most cost effective for your business, no matter how large or small.

With vSpace locations around the globe, you can decide where to store your products. Get them as close to your customers as possible so that your able to quickly get the product into your customers hands.

That means:

  • lower shipping charges
  • quicker deliveries
  • and much happier customers.

Grow, as you go.

With a pay as you go pricing model, you can grow your business as you need, or in quieter times reduce your storage usage, and your storage costs.

NO contracts, NO commitments, NO hassles.

Our storage costs are the lowest in the market, with prices starting from as low as USD$0.08c per day.

Its flexible storage, and where you need it most.

With locations around the world, and new locations opening, you can get your products close to you customers. No more international freight costs or time delays.

You’ll be local to everybody.

Integration with Innovation

vSpace integrates with all the popular accounting applications, so your global vSpace warehouse is connected directly into your business.

Its as simple as raising a sales order or invoice in your accounting application, and vSpace will automatically have the order pick, packed and shipped by our couriers within a few minutes, with no more effort on your part.

Raise a purchase order, and have your products delivered direct to any of our vSpace warehouses and we will receipt the goods on your behalf and update your accounts automatically

vSpace is also integrated with both local and international companies like UPS, FEDEX, DHL and others. Your goods are shipped only by the best.


Sell on eBay, then vSpace is your perfect online fulfillment service. vSpace is integrated with eBay so the moment your product sells online, vSpace will know about it, and you product will be pick, packed within minutes, and ready for dispatch quickly to your buyer.


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