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Rotodocs: less time handling documents, more time running your business

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Leading Phama company implements Rotodocs to manage 130,000+ Documents

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Manages physical document storage

Customisable Document Metadata

Retention Date Management

Offsite Storage

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Less is more when it comes to automated physical document storage. With our innovative Rotodocs solution your staff will spend less time handling physical documents and have more time to dedicate to tasks that really add value.

As many businesses have already discovered, Hanel® Rotomat® and Lean-Lift® storage systems are the ideal archiving and storage systems for physical documents.

Their compact designs boost filing densities by up to 60% and they are flexible, fast and cost-effective solutions, particularly in situations where storage space is at a premium and documents are subject to legal retention policies.

By marrying a Hanel® storage system to our Rotodocs software solution, you get the best of both worlds: the space-saving efficiency of a Hanel®, combined with the time-saving features of the Rotodocs solution.

Boost productivity

With Rotodocs, your clerical staff become more productive as they spend less time collecting and retrieving documents.  That’s because Rotodocs optimizes pick requests from each user and automatically displays them on the screen of the Hanel® system.

The operator only needs to press one button and all their requested documents will be retrieved in one swoop. No more walking backwards and forwards to manually process individual document pick requests. That saves your clerical staff time and shoe leather, and your business money!

Document self-service
What’s even better, Rotodocs empowers users to manage document requests themselves, further reducing the workload on clerical staff.

Employees can browse an onscreen catalogue of stored physical documents and search for a specific document using various metadata, such as author, title, publisher, description and many more, including custom metadata.

Rotodocs will show your employees if document are stored in the Hanel® Storage system, stored offsite or even if the document has been destroyed.

If a document is stored in the Hanel® system, Rotodocs automatically generates a picking request on the mp12n controller screen so the documents can be instantly retrieval and dispatched.

To ensure Rotodocs delivers, document metadata can be defined globally and document managers can create and edit all the document metadata such as retention dates and destruction dates, all from their own desktop computers via a standard browser.

Rotodocs is the missing link in automated document storage as it helps you reap the full benefits of your investment.

If you want to hear more about what Rotodocs can do for your business, contact us or one of our distributors listed below.


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