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A Cloud Based WMS solution, with iOS based voice directed picking for all warehouse sizes

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Picking… It’s probably what your warehouse team does most of the day, and therefore it’s a pretty important process to get right.

We took a good look at how to pick not just quickly, but with a very high level of accuracy, all whilst reducing operational costs so your warehouse is as efficient as possible.

What mpx/WMS provides, and many of our customers think, is the best WMS solution to implement.

The use of technology was what we first looked at. It had to be a much lower cost than the standard warehouse technology offerings others have, but it also had to be the best product in the market.

The Apple iOS devices, whilst normally considered a consumer entertainment device, simply stood out from any other hardware device in the Market. At only US$299 for an iPod touch, its thousands of dollars cheaper than the traditional warehouse devices, and feature for feature, nothing else can compare with its power,performance and how future proof it is.

Apple iPod touch or iPhone devices are a lot smaller, lighter and easier for people to use, and with Apples latest operating system,(iOS6) it can be ‘app-locked’ so that it can only be used for the mpx/WMS app. Your staff won’t be able to check their emails, listen to music, play games or do anything else not related to their job.

The operating system traditional warehouse devices use, is also a big problem. Most, run a version of Microsoft’s Embedded Windows XP or Windows CE. These operating systems are over 10 years old, and Microsoft no longer provides any support. Worst of all, you cannot upgrade to newer versions of Windows, which makes for a very poor investment.

Apple regularly release new feature rich version of its operating system (iOS), which are easy to upgrade so what you buy today, will still be up to date in years to come.

With the AppStore, we can also push updates out to all our customers with ease, and with the latest iOS7 devices the app will update automatically without any user involvement at all.

What the Apple devices lacked was the rugged strength of the traditional device operators would use in a warehouse. So we built our mpx app, and made it voice based, so they could just put the apple device safely in their pocket for protection and not have to hold it. That way they won’t drop it, and therefore it does not need to be as rugged as other devices.

Of course there are also a number of very rugged(military grade protection) after market cases that allow these devices to be dropped from up to 10 foot heights and not get damaged.

So we built into our mpx app voice directed picking technology. Simply put Apple device into your pocket where is nice and safe, slip on a headset and listen to what needs to be done.. Hands free operation.

The app will ‘speak’ to the operator and tell them where to go, what to pick and even allow them to talk back to confirm actions or request a repeat of the current instruction.

Our picking engine will order the pick list so that your operators are walking the shortest path, and since their working hands free, they are able to handle your inventory with more safety and security, reducing damages.

To improve accuracy the operator can use our ‘scan to confirm’ process where they scan the location, or barcode of the item they have been instructed to pick, and they will told through their headset if they have the correct item or not. Optionally if needed they can view a high resolution photo on the Apple device to visually match the item to pick.

With ‘scan to confirm’ and visual photo matching, picking accuracy levels are pretty well perfect.

Batch picking is one of the fastest ways to pick orders in a warehouse.

By consolidating a number of orders into a single pick list, a single warehouse operator is able to pick numerous orders in the same time it takes to pick a single order.

Using our unique mutli-operator sorting technology, a larger number of jobs can be consolidated into a single pick list, which can then be split up into different tasks, allowing multiple operators to work together to quickly complete the required picking.

For a demo of our picking solution, simply get in contact with us, and will happily arrange a demo for you.

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