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Integrate your Hanel® Lean-lift® or Rotomat® storage units easily with your ERP/WMS.

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The Hanel® Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® systems are amazing pieces of technology that can help optimize your warehouse space – but what about the logistics of picking and managing inventory? Countless hours are spent picking parts manually, reducing productivity and taking staff away from their core competencies, and it can be a complex task to manage stock that is out of sight.

Operating with the mp12n Web-Host environment, mpx-Host provides the Hanel® storage unit operator a simple, yet powerful interface to perform all functionalities, and delivers a range of features such as access code security, 2D Bar Code support, Article Pool Management, Operations Logging, on screen product images and more.

With access to real time inventory and movement data, integrating mpx-Host and your Hanel® storage units with an existing WMS or ERP is incredibly simple.

For smaller customers, mpx-Host can operate as a standalone WMS application, managing articles located in both the Hanel® storage units and traditional racking locations, using our Apple® iOS voice based picking solution.

mpx-Host also improves your picking efficiency by accepting digital pick lists from your host WMS or ERP application, this Eliminates the need for operators to pick an entire job, without having to enter in any information.

  • Removes the need to manually enter pick list data
  • Optimised shelf movements to reduce wait times
  • Paperless Picking
  • Real time integration with Host ERP/WMS systems
  • Manage and pick items in both Hanel® units and Racking locations

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista,7,8 or Windows Server 2008
  • Windows IIS Server (free with Windows)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (free express edition)
  • Network connectivity from PC to Hanel
  • mp12n with web host mode active


Download the mpx-Host product brochure here


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