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mpx Batch

High speed Batch picking for Hanel® Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® vertical storage systems.

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Sanofi Aventis Implements mpx Batch

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Unique Multi Operator Put light allows 4 users to work at the same time

4 times faster than any other competitors batch picking product

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Argento Jewelry Implements mpx Batch

For high speed picking, there is no better picking process than batch picking.

Batch picking (also known as Multi-order picking) is when multiple orders are grouped into batches. A picker will pick all orders within the batch in one pass using a consolidated pick list.

Usually the picker will use a multi-tiered picking trolley or work bench maintaining a separate tote or bin for each order.

Combining multiple orders into a single consolidated pick list dramatically reduces shelf movements, which results in substantially faster picking times and a warehouse operating in the most efficient way possible.

Batch sizes usually run from 10 to 50 orders per batch, depending on the average picks per order.

mpx Batch uses extensive logic programmed to consolidate orders with the same items, as well as considering different items, but on the same shelf.

Since mpx Batch enables the picking of multiple orders at the same time, systems and procedures will be required to prevent mixing of orders. mpx uses a series of put indicator lights to show the picker the quantity of each picked item to place into the tote or bin, correctly fulfilling the original orders requirements.

mpx Batch comes in a number of different version, meeting the needs of both high volume and low volume sites and has a large number of options to ensure mpx Batch works in almost any warehouse environment.

Key Features

  • Consolidate numerous orders into a single pick list
  • One picker can pick an unlimited number of orders at one time
  • Shelf prepositioning reduces wait times
  • Multiple pickers picking in parallel from a single or multiple Hanel® units
  • Batch picking delivers significantly better picking throughput than single order picking

System Requirements

MP12N Controller

  • web Host mode


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