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restudio.netNewsMajor Pharmaceutical company implements Rotodocs

Major Pharmaceutical company implements Rotodocs

One of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical companies has implemented Rotodocs, managing over 130,000 document ‘packs’ at one of its sites in Ireland.

Rotodocs is managing not only document packs located in the Hanel® Lean-Lift® unit, but also documents that are stored offsite, or in boxes in archive rooms.

Rotodocs gives anybody in the company the ability to browser the entire catalog of 130,000+ documents and easily see the status and metadata of documents. Users can request documents to be picked from their desktop PC, as well as transfer, or extend loan periods themselves, without having to involve the document management team.

Document requests are sent directly to the Hanel® controller for instant picking, and when the document has been removed from the Hanel®, an email is automatically sent to the user advising them the document is ready for collection.

Rotodocs has transformed the way the company manages its physical document storage and has delivered efficiencies of over 75% in the time taken to manage the entire request/pick/notification process.

Case study to follow

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