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restudio.neteLabel & eToteBox technology.

eLabel & eToteBox technology.

Annouced : 29th February 2016.


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eToteBox & eLabels

With a corporate vision of delivering the best of tomorrows warehousing technology today, reStudio is please to announce the availability of our ePaper based warehouse labeling system we call eLabels.

Traditional labels require a lot of man power to manage. A change to a label requires operators to print new labels and then physically go and place the labels in the correct location. Once the label is in place the information is fixed and can only be updated or changed by again printing and placing new labels.

For larger warehouses with high moving stock, this becomes a very expensive process.

With our new eTotebox technology our ePaper based labels can be fitted not just to tote boxes but to locations any other warehouse location required.

Our eTote label allows us update information on labels in real time, all from a central computer system.

eTote labels means that labels are always up to date, from stock on hand levels, to expiry dates and with our unique tri- Color labels we can even highlight to operators visual that an item requires replenishment or is due for a cycle count.

We have integrated our eLabel technology into the core of our mpx WMS application.  This allows us to have a fully automated process when it comes to the information displayed. Items schedule for a cycle count will automatically show the operators that the item requires counting, or if the mpx system detects a stock level issue we can high light a warning icon or message on the display in bright red.

Our eLabels are so robust and easy to use. Simply fix the eLabel to a tote box or shelving using double sided tape, or mounted in a dedicated rail.  Each device contains a battery that will last at least 7 years, and usually more than 10 years.

Data is sent to the eLabel via a Wi-Fi network, and the devices are tough enough to last in the harshest environments.

For more information contact your local distributor or reStudio directly.

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