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Case Studies

See mpx Batch, mpx Host, Rotodocs and vSpace in the real world with our selection of case studies.

Check back often as we add more and more case studies over time.

Makino Asia (Singapore) is one of the worlds leading manufacturer of CNC machines. Makino Asia implemented 16 Hanel® storage units with mpx Batch in Singapore over 2 years ago.

Its been a great success for Makino, with a ROI of less than 12 months, a 60% reduction in staff, and a 10 fold increase in picking performance as well as improving picking accuracy from 50% to 95%. Its exceed all expectations and continues to be a critical part of the production supply chain.

Over the last 2 years, Makino have also implemented our voice directed iOS picking solution in two other warehouses, and integrated mpx Batch with SAP.

Argento Jewellery(UK & Ireland) have 40 retail locations in the UK and Ireland, and integration with the back office was critical for the success of this project.

Using a single Rotomat®, Argento had not been able to achieve the throughput required to keep up with their retail stores replenishment needs. Integration with the standard Hanel® Controller had not worked, and they ended up with a paper based picking system that was not delivering what was needed.

It took a team of about 7 people, 3-4 days just to fulfil all 40 retail stores weekend trading, which resulted in all stores having stock issues for the first half of the week.

After 12 months of operating like this, the management team decided to implement mpx Batch and the payback was instant.

The first time that mpx Batch was used, was on a monday morning, and what previously took 3-4 days to fulfil the retails stores after the weekend, was done in 5 hours with a team of only 2-3 people.

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