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alstom mpx

Alstom Train Centres

Implement mpx Host

16 Hanel Units

Multi Site

  6 Service Depots throughout the United Kingdom  

Centralised Management

 Stock in all machines centrally managed  

Stock Traceability

 Service Order and Train details captured on Controller 

Management Reporting

 Full audit reporting and daily movement reports online, real-time 


Fowlers of Bristol

Leading Distributor of Bike Parts in the UK

Batch Picking 75 Orders at a time.

Kardex & Hanel Units


3 Million Unique SKU Items

6 Hanel Units
3 Kardex Units
7 iPads mpx/iOS
10 iPods mpx/iOS


Implements mpx Host

3 Hanel Lean Lifts

Real time Interface to Asset Management Solution Infor   

Full Traceability on all stored components  


Service & Spares

Implements mpx Batch

10 Orders  consolidated into a single pick cycle  


Fully Integrated with existing ERP solution  

DHL implement MPX Batch for its 3pl warehouse in Australia for Canon.


Implements mpx Batch

3PL Warehouse in Sydney for Canon

2 Hanel Lean-Lifts

20 Put Bays



Implements mpxHost

  • 2 Lean Lifts
  • 1 Rotomat
  • Racking Management
  • airbus

    Implements mpx on 8 Hanel Units
    mpx iOS app for Racking Locations

    Be Global, Stay Local

    A global network of low cost Hanel® Storage units providing 3PL services to all size businesses

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    GavernWP Framework

    Software for Hanel® Storage Units and Racking Locations

    Host integration and batch picking software designed for Hanel® Storage Units.

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    Cloud based WMS solutions with Voice Picking

    ‘Run your warehouse in the cloud with our voice picking solution use low cost Apple® ios Devices’.

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    reStudio is a specialist WMS software company that has a range of products suitable for all warehouse size operations. From small low volume warehouses to major distribution centers and Hanel® automated vertical storage units, you will find a solution based on the latest technology available, that will deliver you the best value in the market.
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